We have all heard that the United states of America have an interest in Afghanistan. But what are their interests.

There are some different reasons why the USA have an interest. One of these are that they want to have small army bases on the border of the countries around Afghanistan. So they can keep an eye on for example Iran and Pakistan. They are also afraid that if they leave it would be a total chaos, like when they left iraq at the end of 2011. Some are also afraid that if they leave, Afghanistan will get an reinforced taliban allied to an reinforced al qaeda in the country. After all Afghanistan were the country where they trained the hijackers for 9/11. Another reason why USA is so interested is because of Afghanistan's vast reserves of minerals and natural gas. You can also call the war a profit driven resource war.

Other major powers such as india, china and russia also have an interest in the country. The reason why india have an interest in Afghanistan is because of their desire that they want to prevent pakistan from dominating in the country, and islamabad looks at this as a counterweight to indias overweight in south asia. Russia´s interest is to maintain the security in the afghan - central asian region, and prevent instability. They dont have any special economic interests in afghanistan but help to rebuild the afghan economy, if their situation stabilizes.

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